One of my pet peeves as a listing agent is when I get a request for repairs, and the item was clearly visible when the offer was written. Right away, I get pretty upset, and I let the agent know that the repair was visible and should have been in the offer that their buyer made. We don’t like to receive a bunch of requests after we’re already in escrow.

Health and life safety are the main issues we’re concerned with. It’s important that a seller passes a healthy and safe house onto the buyer.


When we get that request for repairs, we’ll address it with you, the seller, and only address the issues that pertain to health and safety. If there is an electrical issue or mold or termites that were brought out by the home inspection, we’ll address those too. We’ll also find the most inexpensive contractors to take care of these issues, because your money is very important to you and us.

I’d love to go over requests for repair in more detail with you, if you’re curious. Give us a call or reach us through the “Contact Us” box and we’ll get right back to you. If you have any other questions about real estate or topics you’d like to see covered in a video, let us know in that same box. Thanks for watching!