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  • I was recently asked if now is a good time to buy a house with school back in session for the kids.

  • Welcome to our new website,! I hope you enjoy it. We spent a lot of time making it a comprehensive site so you can find the exact home that you are looking for.

  • One of my pet peeves as a listing agent is when I get a request for repairs, and the item was clearly visible when the offer was written. Right away, I get pretty upset, and I let the agent know that the repair was visible and should have been in the offer that their buyer made. We don’t like to receive a bunch of requests after we’re already in escrow.

  • I wanted to take a minute today to talk about something I’m really passionate about - real estate photography.

  • I recently had a client ask me if installing solar panels on his home would affect the sale. With solar, you have an option to lease the system or buy the system. There are advantages to each.

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